Monthly blog round-up: inspiring travel posts

This is the first post of a new feature that I want to trial. I read so many amazing blog posts written by lovely people that I’ve decided I want to share the things I find with others. So, each month I’m going to post a round-up of my favourite reads from the previous month. I’m going to attempt to put these into themes, but it really depends on what I’ve actually read that month.

Onto the first round-up! The following posts are all from travel bloggers that I love. I recommend everything on their blogs, but the following are posts that I read and enjoyed this month. I found all of these posts so inspiring, I got tingles in my travel legs.

Travel posts you should read

Hanging out with three toed sloths by The Incidental Naturalist

David from the Incidental Naturalist takes such amazing wildlife photographs you’ll think you’re right there with him, looking at the animals. I love sloths. And this post is 100% sloths. I loved this post so much.

10 day itinerary of North West Tasmania by Chasing Ronin

I’m going to Tasmania next week so I ate up many posts on Adam’s Tasmania dedicated blog. This post gives a great list of things to do if you’re in Tasmania for ten days. Sadly, my trip will be shorter but I’m going to be trying to hit some of these.

Climbing to the Tiger’s Nest in Paro, Bhutan by Cultura Obscura

Oh wow, this post. The photos are amazing. Dagney and Jeremy go to some really impressive places on their blog.

Ben Donich by Bonnie Traveller

This post made me miss living in Scotland. It has some really beautiful photos of Ben Donich. It made me want to strap on my hiking shoes and burst into a rugged landscape.

Osemena Peak from Moalboal Cebu by Pocket Sized Adventures

I’ve never really had the Philipines on the top of my list of places I want to go to. But I might need to revise that list after reading this post. This one again made me want to strap on my hiking shoes. It looks so beautiful.

Delphi by Her Life in Ruins

Her Life in Ruins is a travel blog written by an archaeologist. I love the mix of travel with ancient history on this blog. This post on Delphi is a great post on the history and mythology of Delphi as well as what you’ll see now if you visit. I love love love this post so much.

Ă…lesund by Tumbleweed Chronicles

Sigh. The photos in this post are so beautiful. I obviously spend most of my time on travel blogs swooning over the photography. The world is beautiful. This post is not only photos though, but also a really well written and compelling story of a trip.


  • Jeremy

    I’m glad you liked our article! Thank you for compiling this excellent list – I especially enjoyed Hanging Out with Three-Toed Sloths (excellent pictures of cute sloths!) and Delphi (as I went there on a school trip many years ago and I’d love to revisit it) đŸ™‚

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